The life science industry is undergoing a multi-level, digital transformation that incorporates data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Rx Data News covers all the salient aspects of these important trends and more through articles, interviews and thought leader insights.

Subject Matter

  • Data Integrity and Governance: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

  • Clinical Trials: Analytics and AI in Drug Discovery and Development

  • Data-Driven Manufacturing: Supply Chain and Operations Efficiency

  • Sales and Marketing: Expanded B2C Pathways and Commercial-Spend Optimization 

  • Data and Compliance: Navigating the International Regulatory Environment 

  • Data Sharing: Reducing the Product Development Life-Cycle

  • Automation: Modeling, Sequencing, Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Analysis

  • Corporate Culture: Facilitating Digital Transformation

  • Scientific Advancements: Analytics, Bioinformatics, AI and Machine Learning

  • Precision and Personalized Medicine: Analytics and Genomics

  • Competitive Intelligence: Biopharma Analytics/AI Industry News and Analysis

Who Should


  • Biopharma and Medical Device C-Suite Executives

  • Drug Discovery, Development and Clinical Trials Leadership

  • Life Science Information Technology Vendors

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing Professionals

  • Drug Manufacturing Professionals & Leadership

  • Industry Data Scientists, Bioinformaticists & Analytics Experts

  • Biopharma Compliance Professionals and Attorneys

  • Life Science Industry Consultants

  • Venture Capitalists and Biopharma Finance Analysts

  • Life Science, Biotech, Data Science Researchers/Academia

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