Since our inception, Rx Data News has been focused on providing original, hype-free industry news and insights into data analytics and artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical space. 

Across the full spectrum of industry, data analytics and machine learning are changing the way in which business is conducted and facilitating an ever greater synthesis of the physical, digital and biological spheres. Rx Data News is a vanguard publication dedicated to providing pragmatic intelligence on how pharma, biotech and medical device companies are integrating analytics and AI into their business practices to improve efficiencies, lower costs and increase their bottom line. Independent advancements in biopharmaceuticals, genomics, data analytics and machine learning are driving a 4th-Industrial Revolution, yet the seamless integration of these technologies has yet to be fully realized. 


Rx Data News provides subscribers with original, hype-free reporting, thought leader insights, in-depth interviews, case studies and critical analysis of industry news and developments in data analytics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device space. 


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